The Damsel’s Tale pits two players against each other. One player takes on the role of Sir Ivan, a knight tasked with stealing a crown from a fiery cavern. The crown is guarded by the baby dragon Cinder (the other player) and it’s gigantic, ferocious and protective mother.  Both the Knight and Dragon players draw a hand of 4 cards. They then simultaneously choose a card to play face down. The cards are revealed and the card with the lowest value resolves first.

The knight player plots Ivan’s path through the lair, trying to stay out of sight, avoid making noise and get to the treasure pile where the crown lies waiting.

Cinder’s player uses their cards to try to prove that there’s an intruder in the cave, to goad the Knight out of hiding and to try to remain calm through the ordeal. Cinders cries will attract the mother dragon out of the cavern depths and into the lair. If Cinder can time it right the Knight will be caught in the open when the mother dragon emerges and he’ll be treated to a toasting!

1: Book-shaped box with magnetic latch

2: Rulebook includes “The Dragon Deal” short story

3: Wooden meeples/pieces

4: Knight cards x 6

5: Baby Dragon cards x 6

6: Player board

7: Mumma Dragon cards x 6

Tinderbox is a town that was born in fire as a part of Red Genie Games first Kickstarter The Brigade that successfully funded in 2017.

During the development of The Brigade we were lucky enough to attract the talents of writers Ivan Nevill and Ben Harnwell and artist Antonio ‘Nunoh’ Diaz of Lagoon Art Studio. Through their imagination and creativity, what started as a fun theme of fantasy firefighting soon blossomed into a rich tapestry of characters, location and backstory – and The Vague World was born.

Tinderbox Tales continues the expansion of the narrative with Volume One of our series of small box games: The Damsel’s Tale, A brilliant short story “The Dragon Deal” – by Ivan Nevill is included with the game, weaving together the game and story to provide more detail into the history and politics of Tinderbox.

We have big plans for The Vague World, having already attracted the talents of many game designers eager to see their creations come to life as a part of this ever expanding fantasy landscape. To be part of the conversation join us at the Vague World Adventurers Guild on Facebook.