Tinderbox Tales is live on Kickstarter!

Red Genie Games is inviting you back to the town of Tinderbox, the wonderfully thematic setting of last years successful Kickstarter The Brigade.

The follow-up Tinderbox Tales features three beautifully presented small box games that will be available individually or as a box set on Kickstarter this August.

As with the Brigade, all the games are introduced within a narrative. This time we follow journalist Godfrey Cobbler as he collects stories from the residents of Tinderbox. Players will get to relive these stories for themselves through the game-play of the three unique games.  

Tinderbox Tales is the second game by Red Genie Games set in The Vague World.


The Barmaid's Tale

Set in the Ratcatcher’s Rest, one of Tinderbox’s more “colourful” establishments, this social strategy game is for 4-6 players.

Players assign blame to each other for the failure of a recent quest while literally “Passing the Buck”. Fun and fast with plenty of banter, The Barmaid’s Tale could be the perfect pub game.

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The Trader's Tale

Be one of 2 – 4 players  re-living the events of one of the most famous days in the history of the Merchant’s district. Now a day of discount sales across Tinderbox, the original Ruby Twosday was so named after a famous quest to rescue a princess. The promise of riches saw every adventurer in Tinderbox racing to equip themselves and be the first to embark on the adventure, making a lot of Traders very wealthy in the process.

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The Damsel's Tale

Damsel etiquette will tell you that you can never really trust a knight to save you properly, but as long as your dragon needs feeding you should let them have a go.

In this 2 player asymmetrical strategy game of hide and sneak, the dragon is trying to alert his mother to the presence of a devious knight sent to steal from their ancestral treasure pile.

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TINDERBOX TALES: Three Standalone Games, One Magical Town -- Kicktraq Mini

Free Print and Play of The Barmaid's Tale


We are Red Genie Games

Our powers combine to bring you original, thematic games and other magical pieces of creative collaboration. We launched with our first game The Brigade last year and we are excited be expanding the Vague World with the follow up Tinderbox Tales.