When it’s time for party sized fun with friends, old or new, it’s time for The Barmaid’s Tale! – 4+ players, Social Strategy, 20 minute playtime – Ice Breaker and Party Game.

Set in the Ratcatcher’s Rest, one of Tinderbox’s more “colourful” establishments, The Barmaid’s Tale is a social strategy game for 4 or more players.

It is the job of players to assign blame to each other for the failure of a recent quest while literally “Passing the Buck”.

Light, fun and fast with plenty of banter, The Barmaid’s Tale makes for a great icebreaker or social game experience.

Place a coin on the blame coaster and pass to another player, telling them why it is their fault.

The player may accept the blame or place a higher value coin and pass it on explaining why it’s actually another player’s fault.

If a player ends up with 3 coasters, the game ends and the player who collected the most value in coins is the winner.

Zilda Garrett:

Zilda styles herself as the leader of the group despite the opinion of everyone else. She takes a “lead from the rear” philosophy and avoids anything that looks like a fair fight.

The Bard:

This elf claims to be either of royal blood or to have been the illicit lover of an elf royal (the story is a little inconsistent and nobody tends to listen anyway.) Though they carry several instruments, their true calling is musical theory rather than anything practical.


Hazel is a wood nymph who has only recently left her roots in the forest to explore the Vague World. She is magical by nature, but her magic is incredibly specialised and can only affect anything made of wood, which rarely helps.

Bolop :

Bolop the halfling claims to be a drunken master, though it is unclear what that makes him a master of. He spends most of his time drinking party profits or sleeping through important encounters.


Mog is slow, even by ogre standards, due to severe head trauma he received punching himself in the face on a bet (which he lost.) His strength can prove invaluable on the rare occasions he can actually fit inside a dungeon.

Selina Blackflow:

Selina is the most famous thief in Tinderbox, mainly due to her unfortunate habit of accidentally leaving behind incriminating evidence at her crime scenes. She is only an occasional member of the party, rejoining between prison sentences.

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